The CSPA Board of Directors is composed of patients, skin-health professionals, educators, and members of industry. The group meets face-to-face once a year at the Annual General Meeting and has regular conference calls throughout the year. Board members are elected and serve a two-year term.   Click here to find out more about what is involved.  

The board, which has representation from across Canada, sets the mandate for the organization and oversees staff to ensure financial and human resources are allocated appropriately to best serve Canadian skin patients.

The current Board of Directors:

 Sandy Burton, Ontario

Sandy was diagnosed with Rare Skin Disease (Darier's) at 3 years old. She has experienced many flareups and experimental medications but feels she is a survivor.  She has an amazing Dermatologist and his Mother before him (Dr.Rikki Schachter and Dr,Dan Schachter) who she is so thankful to. She is honoured to be a Director on CSPA Board and is proud to be a voice in helping people with skin conditions.

Christine Butler, Newfoundland and Labrador

 Christine is a retired public servant who now serves as a municipal councillor in her hometown of Conception Bay South. She is a board member with the Conception Bay Family Resource Centre. She is a Big Sister and a community volunteer, but her favourite role by far is being Nanny Christine.

Christine was born with a rare skin disease called recessive congenital ichthyosis erythroderma (CIE). When she was officially diagnosed at age 21 she started on the road of learning all things ichthyosis. She says “I don’t know that I can say I was happy to be born with this rare skin disease called recessive CIE, but I do know I can say that having this disease has made me strong, has made me do things that I might not have otherwise, has made me reach and go beyond goals I might not have otherwise. I have grown to be a confident woman who has had many achievements; in family, work and the community”.

Through social media, Christine shares her story around the world, as do many others. This forum provides support to each other. Patient support is key to understanding their needs; whether it’s skincare, medications and creams, challenges and frustrations, or just a safe, comfortable place to share all things ichthyosis. These needs would be the same for any person with any skin condition or disease. She is presently organizing a future patient forum with the help of her social media friends.

Christine is excited to be part of the CSPA and looks forward to bringing the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan to life!

Ivan Eggers, British Columbia

Ivan moved to Canada from South Africa. He is passionate Project Manager and Business Analyst with 20+ years of experience leading projects in healthcare, manufacturing and entertainment.  Ivan is currently the Vice-President of Operations at Resonance Software (WorkSight). Ivan holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems and a Masters of Business Administration. Certifications in Certified Business Analyst (CBAP)' and Project Management Professional (PMP).

Barbara-Anne Hodge (Manitoba)

Barbara-Anne Hodge is an Occupational Therapist with over 25 years of experience working with burn survivors on the Burns and Plastics Unit at the HSC Hospital in Winnipeg, MB. She is a founding member and current Chair of the Mamingwey Burn Survivor Society as well as the Secretary of the Firefighters’ Burn Fund Inc. in Manitoba, and is the Co-Chair of the Canadian Burn Survivors Community.  She is now retired from hospital work and enjoys working with burn survivors and other skin patients as a volunteer through these various organizations.

Jeff Losch, Alberta

Jeff is a lawyer and business executive and a graduate of McGill University and Queen’s University. He has extensive governance experience having served as corporate secretary to numerous companies including dual listed, cross border public entities.

Jeff was diagnosed with psoriasis over 20 years ago. He has participated in clinical trials for biologic and biosimilar psoriatic treatments and welcomes the opportunity to apply his personal experiences to advocate for individuals with dermatological conditions.

Munish Mohan, Ontario (Chair) 

Drawing on his key leadership roles in sales, marketing and commercial opps, Munish brings a business and team perspective that complements the organization’s health perspective when guiding CSPA’s strategic oversight by the Board. Munish’s professional career spans across pharmaceutical, healthcare and CPG industries. Munish is also a  caregiver of a family member with a skin disease. He joined the board of CSPA to bring his leadership skills and help elevate health outcomes and quality of life for all skin patients.

Tochi Omoloye

Tochi holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting as well as a Master's degree in Management & Sustainability. She is a dedicated professional and is currently writing her exams to become a Chartered Professional AccountanTochi holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting as well as a Master's degree in Management & Sustainability. She is a dedicated professional and is currently writing her exams to become a Chartered Professional Accountant. 

As passionate as Tochi is about her work, she is even more passionate about skin health. Not only has she suffered life-long skin issues herself but her sister has also been diagnosed with a rare skin disease.

Tochi knows first-hand how it feels in a world where the stigma of living with a skin disease often outweighs ability in professional and social settings.

Tochi is thrilled to be part of the CSPA team!

Shiamala Paramasivam, Ontario

Shiamala Paramasivam, PMP® is currently pursuing her MBA and has a background in project management, finance and health sciences. In her leisure time, Shiamala enjoys traveling and photography.

Hansi Peiris, Quebec

Hansi Peiris is a Clinical Research Coordinator from Montreal, Quebec with a B.Sc. in Psychology from McGill University. She is passionate about dermatological research and advocating for skin patients. Hansi wishes to pursue her higher education to further advance clinical trial research while continuing to promote and protect the health of skin patients from across the globe.

 Julie Powers, Ontario

Julie Powers has her Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management, and currently is the Director of Member Relations and Events for a Private Fishing Club in Mt. Albert, Ontario. She is a co-founder of The Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation, CANAAF, which has grown from a small group picnic in a park, to an organization with successful independence. When not volunteering on the CANAAF Board, or participating and facilitating the annual conference, she enjoys being with her 2 teenagers and her stubborn but loveable French bulldog.


Executive Committee: Julie Powers, Munish Mohan, Hansi Peiris,  Tochi Omoloye


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